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“I am currently enrolled in automotive school and Ik a little about vehicles but not a whole lot. I dropped my Silverado off at tuffys for a low oil pressure diagnosis they found out my oil pump was bad the same day. Then called me into the ship to walk through step by step and help me learn what they were doing to fix my truck. While it was in the air he walked me around every inch of my truck and talked abt how everything is in good condition pointing out things that normally go bad on a Silverado. I will most definitely use tuffy again!”

Matt Giles

Jan 09, 2021 – Oswego, IL

“I had reached out to Tuffy’s because my car was making an odd sound and I thought it should be inspected to find what is causing the noise. Owen and his team were able to get my car looked at and taken care of within 2 days. Owen was very informative and did a very thorough inspection on my car and figured out what needed to be taken care of. Definitely recommend Tuffy in Oswego and I will be going there for all future services!”

Taylor L

Aug 28, 2020 – Oswego , IL

“Great service and helped with the oil change I needed!”

Matthew Hofner

Apr 25, 2020 – Plano, IL

“I recently moved to the area and have been looking for a place that I can feel confident going to and trust, this is it!! I brought my Nephews car in for an oil change with that they did an inspection and found a cracked spring. Glen the store Manager went out of his way to explain the situation was very thorough, knowledgeable and polite. He was able to order the parts and quickly fixed my Nephews car giving me the piece of mind I have been searching for!!! Thank you Glen, Stacey, Technicians and Staff, I just cant say enough good things about the quality of Service we received!!! I highly recommend Tuffy Auto Service in Oswego Truly your car dealer alternative!!!”

Joe Salerno

Jan 20, 2020 – Oswego , IL

“Good service and fast. I've being coming here for service. ”


Oct 04, 2019 – Cintron , IL

“Best Customer Service Experience ever! Owen not only was courteous, he extended helping hand on to find a solution for the payment plan. The service was good and the car was in better condition than before! Kudos to Owen and the team.”

Christo M

Jul 03, 2019 – Aurora, WI

“We went to tuffys in Oswego because out shifter handle got broke. We were new to the area and Owen and his team took excellent care of us. They got the part in a day and had it fixed a day later. We were able to use the loaner until we could pick up our car. Owen and Stacey worked with getting us a payment plan since we had just moved and things were tight. Everyone was so friendly and patient with our baby and the dog we had with at the time. The work they did was top notch, it was like a whole new car. So grateful for all their help! ”

Julia M

Jun 25, 2019 – Aurora, IL

“I stopped at the Tuffy located in Oswego, Il to get an oil change. I was pleasantly surprised by the super customer service. Owen, was friendly, but very professional. I listened to him talk to an elderly customer, reassure her there were no problems with her 15 yr.old vehicle. She should call him if there were any problems. He listened to her. Reassured her.took his time. The second customer he spoke to had a range of problems, and he explained each one along with cost and time involved with the repairs. My turn came and I got the same wonderful customer service. Something which is lacking in much of the business world. This type of service from Owen will keep me coming back to Tuffy . He truly should be recognized for an outstanding job .”

Lynda D

May 20, 2019 – Oswego, IL

“I had the opportunity for for the first time try Tuffy's over in Oswego absolutely outstanding customer service upfront by Stacy and the overall service on my vehicle is truly unbelievable the price point was just outstanding high pricing like you find elsewhere. I can honestly recommend Tuffy's over the other oil change shops out there.”

Dwight C

May 08, 2019 – Aurora, IL

“I had a last minute need with my brakes. Craig was wonderful. He fit me in immediately, made the check in incredibly easy and explained what my car needed and why. I was incredibly impressed and will be bringing all my vehicles back to Craig.”

Rebecca H

Apr 08, 2019 – Batavia, IL

“I have been using this location for several years due to the quality of work that is performed by the Technicians that have serviced my vehicle. The most recent service was last month with many things needing to be taken care of such as struts, alignment and more....I have the utmost confidence in Brandon (Owner) that when he says something needs to be attended to that is does. If I ask if certain belts need to be replaced and he says no need to at this time, I trust his word. It is not often these days when you can go to a shop for auto repairs and know that the work will be done right the first time and be fairly priced.I highly recommend the Tuffy Auto Service Shop in Yorkville when you need service for your vehicle...Ask for Brandon and he will not let you down.”

Roger B

Mar 06, 2019 – Yorkville, IL

“I really like going here. They are very friendly and do a great job working on my vehicle. They let you know what is wrong with your car and just geat people there that work on the vehicles. I can always call and ask a question about my car and they will work till they can get it fixed if needed.”

Theresa D

Dec 22, 2018 – Montgomery, IL


mulan Dai

Aug 25, 2018 – Plainfield, IL

“Good service and Professional Staff - Slow turnaround time - took an hour and a half for a oil change that I had scheduled.”

Debbie P

Jun 08, 2018 – Plainfield, IL

“I went in for an oil change they were very informative about my car as well as providing me with options to pay for other repairs. Great place!”

Sheena W

Mar 07, 2018 – Montgomery, IL

“I stopped by first thing in the morning to have a slow leak checked out. They were able to get me in within a half hour which was well appreciated. They found a nail in the tire and repaired it in 10 minutes. Great service and friendly staff.”

Christopher Lareau

Feb 10, 2018 – Aurora, IL

“The staff are friendly and made recommendation on what to do without pressure. Their primary concern is my safety. I would recommend this shop to my family and friends.”

art Tiongson

Jan 25, 2018 – Aurora, IL

“I took my car in for a loose belt & leaking trans fluid. Customer service was excellent. They showed me the problem, gave me fair quote and the job was completed on time. I will not go to another shop. I'm completely satisfied with the service done to my car. ”

Mickael M

Jan 06, 2018 – Montgomery , IL

“I have brought both my cars here. Very good service. My auto tech Mike G. was very informative and knowledgeable. No complaints. ”

Joe G

Oct 03, 2017 – Aurora, IL

“Id like to start off by saying you get what you pay for here, plus some! I walked in knowing most my issues with my car. I have an oldie.. 93 Honda Accord. I was greeted with smiling happy faces. Amin, the new manager for Tuffy's helped me from start to finish. I started off by telling him the long list of issues i had. First and most importantly i had starting issues that generally dont happen every time i tried to start it. #2 My muffler was so loud im sure ppl a mile away could hear me lol. #3 I was told by a friend that all my tie rods and ball joints were bad.. #4 as do most old cars i had a few oil leaks.. Amin smiled and said no worries we can address everything. He truly took my anxiety about it all right away. They were very busy that day and let me know right up front they would do all they could to look that day but if not it would be first thing monday. Instantly i panicked because of course i need a car to get to work.. Amin imedatly offered one of there loaner cars free of charge. Yay! And that ended up being the case. So for a whole weekend i got to play around in a cute little Hyundai.. Anyway by mid Monday Amin called with the dioagnostis.. I had a main relay issue and thats why it wouldn't start at times.. They had to try on and off all day just to get it to not start, but they were determined. #2 my muffler itself was in great shape it was just the flex pipe.. #3 my tie rods and ball joints were fine it was both my front control arms that were bad.. If i would have know that i would have came so much sooner as that so darn dangerous.. #4 my leaks were no where near as bad as i thought. They were coming from the valve cover gasket and the distributor seal. Even though i knew i had alot of issues i was still a litte overwhelmed naturally. From there i gave my husband the phone and let the guys do there shop talk and negotiations. I got my car back that Wednsday and I honestly feel im driving a whole diffrent car. I even got a free oil change because of a coupon i had. To Amin and all the guys at Tuffy's i thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a beautiful honest group of people and i will never go anywhere else for my car needs. Thank You!.”

Amanda L

Aug 04, 2017 – Oswego, IL

“First time and won't be the last. Everyone and everything was just right ”

Raelee J

May 22, 2017 – Aurora , IL

“I'd have to say I am beyond pleased with this location. I came in for a standard oil change and they found out I had other major issues and actually showed them to me. The staff was so friendly and respectful that when I needed to repair my car (which they were the cheapest in the area out of 10 repair shops!). I had no way of getting home with my two children. They actually took me and my kids home, picked us up when it was done. I dont think I know of any other place that would do something like that. I cannot express how pleasant it was to go to a repair shop and not be pushed or tried to be sold for more. I highly recommend this location, especially Owen and Tony...very nice guys and I would trust with my future car repairs hands down!! Thank you guys SO much! I'm sure I'll see you soon!”

Amy B

Aug 28, 2014 – Oswego, IL

“The WONDERFUL crew helped above and beyond care. They explained EVERYTHING before hand to me, respected me and even drove me home! They fixed everything and then even picked me up too!! Can't say enough great thing's about the TEAM at Tuffy! Will go there forever! Thanks guys!!”

Angel K

Aug 28, 2014 – Oswego, IL